Commercial Energy Plans

TruBalance Plan®

TruBalance lets your company enjoy both flexibility and price protection. Half of your company’s usage is based on a fixed price and protected from changing gas prices; the other half is based on a variable price that moves with the ups and downs of market prices.

  • Fixed rate offers protection in the event natural gas prices rise
  • Variable rate lets your company take advantage of falling gas prices
  • Only pay for what your company uses
  • Included on your company’s Nicor Gas bill if you receive service from Nicor Gas
  • One convenient monthly gas bill from us if you receive service from Peoples Gas or North Shore Gas 

Protection and Flexibility

Variable-price plans are too unpredictable for some, while fixed-price plans are too rigid for others. With TruBalance Plan:

  • Your company gets fixed and variable plan benefits in a single plan
  • Your company may save if gas prices fall
  • Your company is protected if gas prices rise

How It Works

By choosing the TruBalance Plan, you’ll be enrolling your company in the Choice program. Nicor Advanced Energy will supply your company’s gas, and the gas utility will continue to deliver your company’s gas, read your company’s meter, and respond to any gas leaks.

Click here to view our terms in the Nicor Gas territory.Click here to view our terms in the Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas territories.

Gas Offers

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